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Homestead Tax Exemption Application

In the previous blog, I mentioned some of the different tax exemptions you can apply for that can save you money if you own your primary residence. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the homestead tax exemption form for El Paso County.

To start off, make sure your IDs been updated with your current address, or the city won’t apply the tax exemption. Military, you can apply with your military ID and a current bill showing you live in the home.

The form is below:

It’s self-explanatory, but reach out to me here if you have questions about the form. Make sure you apply before April 30 or the city won’t apply your exemption until next year instead of this one. You an apply online here: for added convenience. You only need to apply for this once. The exemption will remain in place as long as the home remains your primary residence.

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