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Interior Design Trends That You Will See In 2023

As we head into 2023, there are a few interior design trends to watch out for. From warmer wood tones to organic accents, these trends will help you give your home a fresh look.

It can be exciting exploring the latest potential trends in interior design each year as a homeowner. Planning out the future décor and design of your space can be an exciting experience. Not only do you get to make a fun transformation, but it’s also exciting to know that you are on trend with the latest in interior design. To help inspire and inform your upcoming home makeover projects, we have put together a list of interior design trends for 2023.

Warm Wood Tones

Home furniture and accessories are taking a natural turn with the rise in popularity of warmer wood tones and earthy color palettes. Refresh your space for 2023 by adding elements that embrace organic vibes!

Soft-Modern Design

Driven by a focus on luxury comfort and functionality, Soft-Modern Design is set to be the future of interior design in 2023. With its timeless shapes softened with cozy materials it provides an inviting atmosphere. In soft-modern kitchens, contrast is key. You might want to choose to use a very high-gloss finish for the cabinetry and offset it with a matte wood finish for open shelving or accent panels.

Going Golden Hues

Interior design is saying goodbye to the cool tones of the past, and it looks like gold is here to stay. Goodbye brushed nickel – hello golden hues!

Statement Lamps

Expect traditional fabrics and patterns are back in style, with their popularity inspiring us to expand our pleated linen shade collection. We also anticipate a surge of interest toward unique ceramic lampshades for table tops, floors, or even mounted on walls – all surefire ways to set your space apart from the rest!

Biophilic Design

With an increasing appreciation of nature’s therapeutic power, biophilic design is becoming increasingly popular for creating a calm and inviting atmosphere in our homes. Adding natural materials like bamboo, cork, sisal and wood can give any space texture as well as character – bringing some outdoor beauty indoors!

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